Posted Date:  9 May 2024
Posting End Date:  Ongoing
Location:  Midlands
Company:  Severn Trent Water Limited
Department:  Capital Delivery Treatment
Salary (£):  Work Placement scheme

Armed Forces work placement scheme - Project/Programme Management



Serving over 4.8 million homes and businesses, Severn Trent is one of the UK’s largest water companies. We cover one of the most diverse regions in the country - from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from Shropshire to the East Midlands.  

Over 7,000 people – our Severn Trenters – help us look after one of life’s essentials. They deliver sector-leading performance while making a positive impact on our customers, the places where they live and the environment that surrounds us all.  




You’ve proven you’re a great team player, you’ve earnt our respect – and now you’re ready for a new set of challenges, so take on serving your community in a different way, delivering one of life’s essentials.  




  • An up to 6-week placement opportunity with our Engineering project delivery teams.  
  • Placement duration can be tailored per individual circumstances and allowance of Grant resettlement time & annual leave allowances, so less or more than 6 weeks can be tailored.  
  • Placements available in Coventry (Finham), Derby (Raynesway), and Shrewsbury (Shelton) – based in our cutting-edge engineering design/delivery hubs.  
  • Focus on project and programme management within our waste infrastructure and treatment delivery teams, working on industry-leading engineering projects.  
  • Mentorship from our project management team, hands-on experience of the engineering project lifecycle, exposure to CDM regulations, NEC contracts, and more.  
  • Employability Training via our State-of-the-art learning Academy to assist with interviews, building a great CV and future career prospects advice.  




  • In-depth understanding of project management principles and practices.  
  • Valuable experience in contractor progress meetings, site visits, safety tours, and networking with key stakeholders.  
  • Opportunity to gain vital experience for future permanent roles within Severn Trent or externally.  
  • Placements begin from May 2024.  
  • We understand that every resettlement journey is unique, so we offer placements throughout the year.  




  • Passion and interest in project management, with previous project management experience desirable – but passion and potential are key.  
  • Ability to utilise grant resettlement time or annual leave.  


Don't miss this chance to kickstart your career in project management with Severn Trent.   


  • Severn Trent's Commitment to You  
  • Tailored initiatives for a smooth transition  
  • Priority on well-being and career growth  
  • Contributions valued; growth prioritised.  
  • Assistance for Veterans, reservists, and families  
  • Personalised meetings post application.  
  • Flexibility for reservists training and mobilisation  
  • Continued benefits during military service.  
  • Pairing with a supportive buddy from our Severn Trent Armed forces family  


For further information or to speak to one of our Armed forces team please contact us at